Friday, 26 August 2016

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Occupied Kashmir the big slap on the world Face

Indian occupied Kashmir is the big slap on the champions of human rights . United state of america and other European countries are still criminally silent on the Kashmir issue. Kashmir now need freedom. many times Pakistan demanded from united nations to solve the problem of Kashmir. But still no step has been taken by the United nations.

Indian Army torturing a Kashmiri old man

Its created a Gap between the two nations . One is Pakistan and the other is India. according to Indian government Kashmir are happy under the control of India But the ground reality is very different . As Kashmir protesting day and night for their freedom. 

Pakistani government stance on this issue is very clear. Pakistan asked un to solve the problem under the refrendom in which kashmiri decide where they want to go? And also which country they want to choose for living peacefuly. 

Indian & Pakistani soldier in a combined ceremony on wahga border
Indian & Pakistani soldier in a combined ceremony on wahga border
Kashmir is divided in many groups. Hindus and Sikhs are in favor of Indian government as Indian media claimed but The majority of Kashmir are Muslims. In Muslims many want to be the part of Pakistan But many want their separate country and freedom.

Kashmiri peoples are brave they will not accept the occupation of India at any cost. and still their struggle for being a free citizen is going on. One day India will be forced to take out their forces from Kashmir and will be a good day for Kashmirs.

Peace in Pakistan & India and in the whole region is connected with peace in Kashmir. The leaders must take some serious actions and Give the right of freedom to Kashmirs. Other wise wishes for peace are not true.

here is a small documentary on this topic which you can watch on YouTube:

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Naveed Ghaazi

Pakistan army soldier wins The sniping competition in Beijing

Pakistan army soldier Naik arshad won the competition in Beijing . In which he declared as the best performer of the game.
According to DG ISPR General asim bajwa pak army secured the first position in the competition . 

pak army vs china army training

Its a proud moment for Pakistani nation that our army getting good positions in every competition between the nations.
In July Pakistan air force also wins the Royal International air tattoo trophy in united kingdom. 

Pakistan army special services group is one of the top commando force listed in world wide ranking. Its used for the special missions across the country and now taking part in training's outside the country.

pak china army training being started by pak army many times in Pakistan and they learned from each others the new skills of being a soldier.
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Naveed Ghaazi

Who is the Person arrested Farooq sattar from his press Conference?

Senior MQM Leader arrested in Karachi when he appeared for the press conference . But a person leading the rangers team was who? No one know any thing special about him. But we got some information about him from a trusted source.
Rana Takur is the soldier belong from sindh rangers.he recruited in Punjab rangers and later migrated to sindh rangers. Rana takur belong from rangers 61 wing and working as a DSR IN Sindh rangers. 
He has a special place in sindh rangers because of his attractive personality. Taking part in difficult missions is the hobby of rana takur.

farooq sattar arrested by rangers

when he arrived to arrest farooq sattar and said " Stop The nonsense and go to jail" The sentence make him so famous on social media . And a lot of Pakistani replaced their profile pictures with his Photo.

rangers soldier selfie with a person
A selfie with someone
Rana Like to have selfies with peoples.
Remember that farooq sattar arrested due to the hatred speech of altaf hussain from London. Farooq sattar later released but still there are controversial things about altaf hussain , rangers, and farooq sattar. 

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