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Monday, January 30, 2017

Best Urdu poetry images for Facebook 2017

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Here in this post i am going to share some of the best poetry images which you can use to share on Facebook. Its the most important thing to share with your friends. here we have something for you . 

Another great poetry collection for all the poetry lovers. 

The best Facebook cover photos for You. you can change your cover photo into an amazing poetry image. 

a great piece from azad Ahmad.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Best Islamic status for Facebook in Urdu

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1: Jumma Mubarik Status update For Facebook

below is a jumma mubarik status update for Facebook which you can share with friends. Jumma is a holy day in islam just because of its importance in the history. Prophet Muhammad saw (PBUH) said that Jumma is The best one From all the days in a week . 

2: Don't Happy On getting something of this World 

This is Not the world of happiness . its a temporary life which you should spent in the obedience of Allah . Don't happy on getting something of this fake world. This is one of the best quote for Facebook in Urdu.

3: Life will be better If You are happy But will Be greater if someone is happy Because of you 

4: Golden Words of Our prophet Muhammad saw (PBUH)

our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw is the role model for Us. He was one of the great Human being and the one who took us into the right Path . The messenger of Allah who sacrificed for the deen E Islam. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pakistani funny pictures collection of 2017

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Pakistan Is a very interesting country as compare to the other neighbors . Pakistan has a Unique place in the Fun. we have Good comedians But some pictures which we are going to share are more important the comedy dramas Etc.
Lets have a Look on all That. 

1: Enjoying Summer in refrigerator

Pakistan funny 2017

2: I cant write the correct spelling

3: Baba Kartoos shah 

4: Shehzadi Naswar

5: Imran khan Change has to come

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Bhutto ke aakhri 323 din pdf download Free Book

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The last 332 days of Bhutto in jail. Col rafi explained every thing in this book. Zulfiqar ali bhutto was a great leader in the history of Pakistan. when Zia UI Haq arrested him in a fake killing case and taken him into jail then col rafi was the one on his duty to protect Bhutto , Later col rafi and Bhutto were become friends and came close to each others.

In this book col rafi sharing his own views about Bhutto and also sharing word by word conversation with Bhutto . According col rafi bhutto was not happy from Peoples party leadership in his last days.

Moreover there are many things interesting and Unbelievable about Bhutto in this book. Many peoples think that Bhutto was a liberal but infect he is saying something different . according to col rafi Bhutto once said that i was planning to make Pakistan a great Islamic country but zia dont want to Do that and he want to kill me for the happiness of america but the same america will not leave him. "

Read and download this book from below link . 

Monday, January 9, 2017

New Jobs In United Testing Service Pvt Ltd Staff Required

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Its a Great opportunity for you To become an Invigilator and earn a good income . here i am going to share an advertisement from United testing service Which is recently published in various national news papers. 
Their are many staff members required for different positions . You can select your own position of your own Interest. 

For More details Please Read The advertisement below carefully.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ALL Pakistani newspapers in Urdu online

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nofollowdaily jangDaily AajDaily UmmatExpress News
Read All Pakistani News papers In urdu from here. You can read your favorite urdu news paper in seconds. we are providing an oppurtunity for you peoples to read all news papers at one place.Click on any Image and get your news paper in seconds online. 

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