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Top 10 richest persons in the Pakistan Exclusive

How much the money is important? if you are asking the question from those 10 billionaires of Pakistan you will be shocked. they thinks then the race of money is linked with the Breath in the body. if you have Breath work hard and earn money. they are applying this formula and now included in the list of top 10 richest peoples of Pakistan.

Who they are and whats they are doing.? Here is the detail about them. i hope you will enjoy.

1: Shahid Khan

shahid khan is a Pakistani but living in foreign countries . he has the business of auto parts and also has a football team.

Residence : Florida United state
Source of income: Flex-N-Gate/Jacksonville Jaguars ETC
Industries: Auto Parts, Sports team owner
Net worth in Dollars: 6.8 billion

2: Asif Ali Zardari

Are you heard  the name any where? No? You are kidding. because asif ali zardari is the ex- President of Islamic republic of Pakistan. but he is a billionaire and you know better billionaire will become president in Pakistan.

Residence : Nawab shah (Now in dubai)
Source of income: According to Wikipedia (Business) But Not specified
Industries: Industry/Real Estate/ in Middle East, UK and United States
Net worth in Dollars: 1.8 billion

3: Anwar pervez

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anwar pervez is the CEO of the famous Pakistani Bank united bank Limited ( UBL). Currently living in London united kingdom.

Residence : London
Source of income: The owner of UBL( United Bank limited)
Industries: Cement / banking
Net worth in Dollars: 1.67 billion

4: Nawaz sharif

Nawaz sharif in top 10

Nawaz sharif our current prime minister and the president of Muslim league N) is also a rich person of Pakistan. according to his family sources the father of nawaz sharif was a successful business man and after his death nawaz sharif took his place. 

Residence : Lahore
Source of income: ittefaq industries
Industries: Steel/ sugar ETC
Net worth in Dollars: 1.4 billion

5: Saddaruddin Hashwani

Saddaruddin Hashwani in top 10

The famous Marriott hotel owned by this person. also he has orient petroleum and pearl Continental hotel. 

Residence : Lahore
Source of income: Marriott Hotels, Pearl Continental Hotel, Orient Petroleum
Industries: Hotels & Resorts, Oil & Gas
Net worth in Dollars: 1.1 billion

6: Malik Riaz hussain

Malik riaz is a controversial name in Pakistan. but the good thing he lives in Pakistan. he is the owner of bahria town.

Residence : Rawalpindi

Source of income: Bahria Town

Industries: Real Estate business
Net worth in Dollars: 1.1 billion

7: Mia Muhammad Mansha

Mia muhammad mansha

Mia muhammad mansha is also a well known name in Pakistan. he has a chain of businesses. 

Residence : Lahore
Source of income: Muslim commercial Bank,Adam jee group ETC
Industries: Textile, Banking, Energy, transport
Net worth in Dollars: 1 billion

8: Nasir schon

nasir schon in top 10

nasir schon linked with real estate business. and having many good source of incomes. 

Residence : Karachi & Dubai
Source of income: Schon group, schon properties
Industries: Real Estate, Fertilizer
Net worth in Dollars: 1 billion

9: Chaudhry Family

Residence : BhawalPur
Source of income: Chaudhry group of industries
Industries: textile, sugar mills, Nestle plants
Net worth in Dollars: 0.91 billion

10: R
afiq habib

Rafiq habib is the CEO OF habib bank. He has the business of banking.

Residence : Karachi

Source of income: Habib bank Zurich, House of habib

Industries: Banking & finance, Construction
Net worth in Dollars: 0.90 billion

The information taken from Wikipedia and other trusted sources. May be it changes time to time. We will update the post as the list updated. 

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