Thursday, August 25, 2016

Who is the Person arrested Farooq sattar from his press Conference?

Senior MQM Leader arrested in Karachi when he appeared for the press conference . But a person leading the rangers team was who? No one know any thing special about him. But we got some information about him from a trusted source.
Rana Takur is the soldier belong from sindh rangers.he recruited in Punjab rangers and later migrated to sindh rangers. Rana takur belong from rangers 61 wing and working as a DSR IN Sindh rangers. 
He has a special place in sindh rangers because of his attractive personality. Taking part in difficult missions is the hobby of rana takur.

farooq sattar arrested by rangers

when he arrived to arrest farooq sattar and said " Stop The nonsense and go to jail" The sentence make him so famous on social media . And a lot of Pakistani replaced their profile pictures with his Photo.

rangers soldier selfie with a person
A selfie with someone
Rana Like to have selfies with peoples.
Remember that farooq sattar arrested due to the hatred speech of altaf hussain from London. Farooq sattar later released but still there are controversial things about altaf hussain , rangers, and farooq sattar. 

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