Sunday, September 4, 2016

Check Bannu university result Complete Information

Bannu University announced BA Result on their official website. You can check It on their official website .ust bannu ma result 2016 is now going to be share on their official result page.

Ustb , University of bannu

Bannu university is one of the leading educational institute in the area of bannu. it has many branches including

  • Town ship Branch
  • Kohat chongi branch
  • Miransha Road branch
  • and IMS department branch.

All the branches are the part of University.

students from around the area of bannu studying here and its just the one facility for all those who want to graduate easily. 

Some of The degrees which bannu university providing

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Computer science (BCS)
  3. Bs ( English)
  4. Ms (Mster)
  5. BBA
  6. Ba
  7. Electrical Engineering

If you are studying in any related department then check your result on their official site once it announced. To check bannu university result Please click on the below Image.

More information about USTB Is available on their official site .

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  1. mera roll number kahi gum hogya he ab MA islamiat ka result kaise check krunga