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yeh khamoshi kahan tak By general shahid aziz Free download In Pdf

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General shahid aziz was one of the best military commander of pakistan. In the time of pervez musharraf he was the right hand of Musharraf But later he decided to Leave Ties with pervez. The big change were happened in his life when america attacked afghanistan on the name of war on terror . He was among One of those who rejected US attack on afghanistan.

When he refused to support america then It's turned Him into a very Big change in his life. After getting retirement from army he wrote a book on the name of "Ye khamoshi kahan Tak".

Book Name : Yeh Khamoshi Kahan Tak
Genre: War, Secret missions & Bio about the author
Format: Pdf

yeh khamoshi kahan tak By general shahid aziz free download

Total Size : 10 Mb

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