Sunday, June 18, 2017

MY SEO (Search engine optimization ) Work

Here is the screen shot of my one of the Selected seo work . i posted an optimized seo post on date 14 june 2017 and got immediately Result within some hours . My Post got ranked on different keywords . 
Post Targeted keyword: Dit result 2017 Peshawar technical board
Keywords Ranked : Yes

on the same day 14 June 2017 the keyword Got ranked and i received Hundred of visitors within some hours . 

Ranked keyword Result (Keyword Captured by jetpack)

Keyword Visitors From Google on 15 Hune 2017 Received 141 visitors from google web
and 15 From Mobile app ) 

Its Just a sample . The post is still live and receiving visitors , You can check some keywords related to this post and you can find the post link in google,. 


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