About Me

My name is Muhammad naveed ghazi living in bannu. I am the CEO OF naveedmedia and working as a technology expert at my own website techmediapak.com. i came to online world in 2014 when first time i launched a website on the name of techmediapak. it was my first experience of blogging. later i decided to work as a cyber journalist . and the idea came to my mind because the situation of pakistan at that time were not good. So i decided to work something for my nation. Indeed journalism is a profession but its also an aim a passion. 
From the child hood my aim was to work for others but my little were not aware how to work for others.? 
When i started Blogging I learned that Social media is more powerful then any thing for a common person to raise his voice. 
So i started my first personal blog on the name of naveedghazi.com and the aim behind this blog is to share my own things in my own way. 
Good wishes for every one..